Anniversary medal award

Anyone know why I have not recieved my 1st year anniversary medal award I’ve been here since 27th October 2017 so the time has passed but not sure how I have not got this award yet.
thanks in advance

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Same with me haha)

For me it says you have your anniversary badge :)


Maybe just have another look for it in Badges?


Yeah I see that but when I look at all the badges I have they are all gold in colour except this one which looks like it hasn’t been achieved yet

Also it’s strange why can’t I achieve gold badge 🧐

  1. visit fofum for 365 days (When I’m here for 400+ already)

You see the difference in colour so does this mean I have it or not ??

See the pictures does the grey one look like I have it. I’m not sure ?

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That is how I can see your profile badges

Dont quote me on this haha but;

I don’t believe the silver colour resembles that you have earned the bade,

There should be a green tick to resemble that you have earned the badge;


Ok is in grey on colour for you guys too

Yes, for me it is grey as well :)

As @Mags885 mentioned, the colours just symbolise the “level” of the badge etc

  • No colour [Grey] 54%20pm

  • Bronze 48%20pm

  • Gold 53%20pm

I can edit it for you like it is a gold one 😆

I must have it so. Just that I don’t remember getting a notification about getting this medal. Thanks for clarifying this

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It’s a silver award, so appears as a grey one.

Please see the badges list as found below:

Not all badges have color. If there’s a green checkmark with the badge, it means you already earned it.