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Pour LFMN merci merci merci 😁😘😘😘

I think you forgot to upload the photo.

He’s actually requesting an update for LFMN ^^

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Oh, I thought he was uploading a photo. But hasn’t LFMN already got 3D buidlings from 22.2

Maybe he sees a mistake? I am not sure tbh. All I did was to put this into translate xD

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He is happy that LFMN is 3D in 22.2 because of merci

Je suis une femme lol. En France, on dit β€œelle” 😁😘 En anglais on dit β€œshe”

No she just was happy that LFMN just got out lol

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Lol😁et oui

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β€œShe”, not β€œhe” ;)

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