Animator Wanted!

Hi all; I was wondering if anyone had the skills (and fancied the challenge) to put together some animations for me. It’s intended for a project I’m working on for a VA. In short, I’m looking to create a loopable movie of an aircraft rotating on a turntable; hopefully that makes sense. More details to follow in PM if you’re interested :)


PM @sqeezelemon. I think he could do something for you.

I haven’t ever done animations and I’m not planning to

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Ah okay. So… I don’t know… maybe @anon2996007

I cant sorry! My PC is sadly not capable of doing such animations, thats why I can only do simple 2d animations or it would catch fire xD

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I am gonna pass the task on to @Captain_JR Not sure if he takes such tasks, but he is at least better than me


Very busy these days unfortunately. I’m rarely at home, and I think inactivity on IFC this year speaks for itself, my apologies :(


Maybe don’t tag random members, and instead wait for them to reach out here…


Whoa, this escalated quickly…

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