Animated Tow Bar Pushback tug

As is seen in many airports around the world their pushback tugs have Tow bars particularly used mainly with narrowbody aircraft but also some that have capability for widebody aircraft currently we do have pushback tugs that are animated but these do not have towbars so I am making this request for a tow bar push back tug to be animated

Photo Sources

Here’s the video showing a aircraft being pushback with a Tow bar tug this might help the developers code it properly

It’s between 1:03 and 1:14


this would be so cool instead of the Noise of the plane being in the Pushback tug like we have right now 😂 so you have my vote

ooh yes. i love this idea. Use this everyday at work.,

This would be great, more realistic at smaller European airports as well.

Bumping this

Surprised this wasn’t the first choice for a tug. It’s the most common in most airports

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Really think I might clear a vote for this, it would be really great to have, tons of airports have them too.

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Out of votes but i’d definitely love to see this, as I fly for Ryanair VA, Ryanair use tow bars instead of the current push back tufs that we have in the sim but I believe they are upgrading to the pushback tugs that are coming to IF soon! Tow bars would definitely be cool tho

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I would love having towbars in Infinite Flight seeing how common they are and how much more like a “proper” pushback they look.

However, I’m a little unsure how this would work in practice. Pilots in Infinite Flight control the nose wheel with the rudder, which works for a towbarless tractor, but the mechanics of a towbar pushback means there is a delay in feedback between the tractor’s turn and the aircraft’s. Not saying it isn’t possible to implement, just saying it gets a little more complicated than what we have now.


I prefer this pushback tug than what they’ve added, most airport from the world has this type of pushbacks, it’ll be a bit more diverse and realistic 😁

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With the recently announced changes to the feature request category, this feature no longer meets the following criteria:

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