Animated Suspension

I noticed that only older aircraft in IF have the shakiness, giving the user a look on g-forces.

I don’t get why it isnt on newer aircraft because it gives me a sence of how hard or turbulent the landing and flight was

EX: 737, A320, CRJ, TBM, and A-10 do not have it
A330, DC-10, MD-11, etc. have it

Try it out and notice the difference

What you see in the video is from IFAssistant, like I mentioned before.

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You can download it on the App Store or android it was free to download for a while don’t know about now

I do use IFAssistant.

Yeah, now open the copilot tab. That’s where our friend the Shaky Cam is hidden (bottom line, next to Voice).

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Does not have it on mine. Probably it’s only for IOS for now.

Thank You so much for your help to each and every one. You guys are the best.
Happy New Year

Yes, unfortunately, it is for IOS only for now, but @epaga is trying to bring Andriod up to speed. That is why there is no shaky cam.


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