Animated Suspension

So in the New updates we got Animated Suspension, But on my it does not work IDK why is it only for IOS now or it also works on Android. I have seen youtube videos where while takeoff the the Aircraft tents to shack. it doesn’t work all tho my IF is fully updated with latest version of IF, so updating the IF is not the issue. does anyone have the same issue on the Android side?

No problems on my end and I am using an Android device.

What aircraft did you try?

I tried with 787-9, 777, A330, A320

Only newer aircraft such as the A320, B737, TBM etc have it


You mentioned the A320. Could you try it again on solo and see if it has gear suspension? This model should have gear suspension.


Working fine for me using the 737.

Did you mention that even since you had the update it has never worked?

How would it have worked before if it just got added in this update¿? Lmao 😅

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Could it have something to do with the graphic settings?

Did not work

Rendering Quality is HIGH
Rendering Resolution is HIGH
Texture Quality is HIGH
Anti-Aliasing is OFF
Limit Frame Rate is NOT CHECKED

Aircraft quality could affect it. Just a question, when taxiing at let’s say 20 knots does the A320 lean a lot when turning?

Smh my post wasn’t for you smh🤔🙄

Yea, what he said😉

Turn anti aliasing on see if that works

How are you verifying the suspension? Are you on an external cam and applying thrust with the brake on?

We really need a video of what you are seeing. What you think is not working may be what is supposed to be.

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Still not working.

From the cockpit view on the runway while it’s on it’s takeoff roll the cockpit does not tent to shack. That’s how I am checking it

The camera is not supposed to shake if that is what you are trying to say.

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IFAssistant has shaky cam if that’s what you want.

Not the Camera but the Aircraft shake.

As u can see on this video at 7:44 while takeoff roll the Aircraft shaking.