Animated Passengers

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Hi everyone! Today I’m requesting Animated Passengers!
Did you ever imagine animated passengers that could board and deboard your aircraft through jet bridges and stairs, and then board a bus? That will be awesome!
With the addition of terminals, this will bring a lot of realism to the sim, and would look so stunning!

Now, you will mostly ask me:

  1. How passengers will board aircrafts that don’t have animated doors/aren’t reworked?

It will be disturbing to see passengers that board through closed doors, but every aircraft will be reworked eventually, and have animated doors :D

  1. How will this work?

Simple, select how many passengers would you like onboard, using the classic slider in the ‘Weight and Balance’ section in settings, then there can be a ‘‘Request Boarding’’ button, under the ‘Actions’ Tab at the ‘System’ button. Press it, and you’re done, your selected number of passengers will board your aircraft, via a jet bridge or stairs!

  1. How will this impact my device?

As we all know, Infinite Flight staff are working very hard mostly on performance. This is seen and proven by the massive work that they’ve put into the upcoming terminals, in order to run on our devices.
This can only be an animation, like the moving cargo doors/doors, wipers and etc., so there won’t be much of a deal in matters of performance and you shouldn’t be worried at all ;)

  1. When we will receive this?

For sure, not with 21.1, as we won’t have any animations at all, but this will be stunning for 21.2, if animations will come, and who knows, maybe the A330 👀

  1. Is this possible?

It will be for sure hard to make, but think of the final product ;)

If you would like to see this feature in Infinite Flight, be sure to comment, like, and vote, thanks!

Sure would be great! However I see it causing a lot of lag. But who knows maybe in the future?


yeah uh… i think that would be a bit too much for mobile devices right now


I don’t want to bring other examples, but RFS has it. Imagine how it will look in IF :D


It can work as simple as a cargo door animation. It will be hard to make and animate, and maybe is a little more than as a cargo door animation, but it will look awesome! :D

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but rfs has way less detail compared to IF


I do agree, but it doesn’t need to be something wow, just a couple of auto generated people walking :D

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Neat idea, voted!

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I’d rather put the button in ground services

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There wasn’t a ground service button back then, nor was there animated jetbridge.

ah i forgot, mb