Animated Cockpit (Flight Deck) w/ Working Instruments

I request that the devs of IF add more features and animations in the aircrafts’ cockpit other than just the gear, throttle, flaps, etc. For example a working altitude indicator, heading indicator. For the small aircrafts such as the Cessna, a working altimeter, compass. I also request more animations such as turning the seatbelt sign and no smoking 🚬 on with the animation of the switch moving from on to off. Also including the beacon, strobes, nav, and landing lights. However I understand that this can slow many IF users who play on a old or slow device. That is why I suggest they add this as a option in the settings called ‘Cockpit Animations.’ I think this feature will make the cockpit seem better and not just look better.

-Sorry if there is a topic already about this, i searched and didn’t find any.


I would love to see working instruments!

Before anyone posts that this is a duplicate topic, it is not. If you look over the other one that is titled similarly, they are requesting different features.


Yes, I think it will increase RP with pilots of IF and make flying on IF more fun.


I searched it and then was really confused so did not do anything :)

This would be awesome, but it would be a lot of work…

maybe its like 3 bucks to add the buttons for each plane

Is it still planned? X-Plane 10 mobile has them. The latest aircraft also still do not have them. :(


But xplane have 3 regions and 7 planes whole we have tons of regions and airplanes


Maybe on the PC/Mac… Not phone or tablet…

Why not? It works on other apps

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Really? My bad!

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Look at Xplane 10 mobile…

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You have to pay lots for all the extra regions and aircraft, and you have to pay a lot. £3.99 for aircraft that don’t really have a great cockpit…

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Infinite Flight is ALWAYS improving everyday. You need to give it some time. The developers are being bombarded with requests everyday. I promise you that we will see this one day.


Yep, I know and I also understand the pricing. 🙂

I still don’t know how will we be able to see the working instruments with a phone’s screen.

If we can see it on other sims, I believe IF will have no problem… Besides, a tablet would be more realistic for animation

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Perhaps if this is really going to cause IF money to implement this. Then perhaps they should either sell it separate for a certain prices to have additional features. Or they should add it to some aircraft as a feature and charge extra. Such as the new wing flex feature which makes the game really realistic.

why $3 when you could have it for free why would you want to pay for working instruments??

We have the highly detailed 3D cockpits which could signify that working instruments are coming soon. I’d like to see it implemented at some point. :)