Animate the outboard flap of the A321

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I’m here to talk about something that many people didn’t notice, is about the outboard flaps of the A321

after the rework that the A321 had, there was an error with the animation of the outboard flaps; as y’all know the A321 is the only one of the A320 family that has double slotted flaps configuration, it’s heavier so yeah you know…

Now the A321 from IF was having this issue for a long time now, but unfortunately it wasn’t solved so please help me with your votes to fix this problem because this is the best moment to expose it (IF is doing some touches to the A320) in this next update 20.2

Here I leave you an example…

It would be nice to have these little details fixed, but there are other aircraft that need work sooner in my opinion.


a320 fam is already getting touched up in 20.2, maybe this will come with it


These little things are not a big priority at the moment. It might be fixed in the future but at the moment it’s going to be like that for awhile. Sorry!

i don’t know about you guys but the sharklet always seemed off to me … never looked like the real thing … idk maybe im seeing things but i have a hard time flying A320 family because of it


wait i didn’t here about this what are the details ?!

an engine update, and maybe this?

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not just that but none of the narrowbody Airbus have their ailerons go up with the spoilers like they do IRL like the 787 has animated

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There’s no confirmed A320 Series rework. Only a tweak to the engine model.


Little things are insanely important. Imagine if this was the case with much more, then you wouldn’t be able to call it a sim anymore. I think it is definitely important to have this fixed! Either have aircrafts good or not (imo)

an engine tweak is still amazing !

I think this will be fixed if the a320 family gets a full rework

This is not a little detail, it’s about the wing!

The exterior of the plane has to be almost perfect, this issue can be solved really quick if you guys help me to highlight it

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Closed per OP request.