Angry Ryanair pilot calls LBC to reveal the working conditions

This is an important listen for any current aspiring pilots around Europe.

As you can hear from the attached radio show clip, Ryanair’s strategy is to take on fresh pilots from aviation schools and then treat them poorly. This pilot was an angry caller who revealed all to the radio company. Quite surprising really, understandably they’re an ULCC, but this seems quite unfair especially on pilots just leaving flight school with hundreds of thousands worth of debt.


This comes at no surprise, it’s Ryanair! A lot of LCCs treat their pilots terribly unfortunately, and I hate seeing it happen. Ryanair has to be one of the worst culprits, they simply need to quit picking on their staff. It makes sense they cancelled so many flights to “clear the backlog of staff leave.” 🤦🏻‍♂️


Have to agree that the backlog of staff leave may not be the only reason and they’re hiding the rest (maybe frustrated staff leaving). Some LCC’s treat their staff well though - I believe easyJet are a great airline to work for from what I’ve heard.


Southwest is also good to work for I’ve heard.


Interesting, as I know 2 Ryanair captain’s and a first officer who are very happy with things.
Yet I 100% believe the caller - I wonder if his base airport management team just kinda suck?

And I know an Easyjet first officer who is unhappy because he was placed on a zero hours contract, and his hours has been cut dramatically since June.

All relative of course, but I think this highlights how bumpy a career being a pilot can be. You really have to love the planes, because in many airlines the management borderline despise their pilots.

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