Angry about the pro‘s

Just been on the Training server at EDDF as GND & TWR. The last inbound was a A380 with a Grade5 pilot. Got Winds out of 330 @6. so the 25 RWY active. He called in and insisted on ldg rwy 18. toll ihm to enter the DW25L. He ignored all the time, finally entered the final 07R. I adviced again to enter DW25L. Than he Switched off freq. and landed opposite to traffic and active RWY. As a grade 5 i‘m really angry about such behavior. I know this is Training Server but such a grade should be a bit role model for Otters?! What do you think?



Grade does not reflect a pilot’s ability, and in the Training Server there are many inexperienced pilots and controllers or just trolls. I can assure you if you fly on the expert server this will never happen.

In order to get ready for the Expert Server I suggest looking at #tutorials & #tutorials:flight

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Sorry mate, everyone will tell you the same thing. It’s TS. If you want to be a realistic controller, be sure to check out IFATC


Yeah totally agree with you. By the way I was in Frankfurt Airport at this time too!

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Grade doesnt reflect on your skill bud, it just means you play the game a lot. If you want to see experts, go to the expert server… simple.

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Ok see the point :-( I already applied for expert ATC but did Not got any reply…

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Not that simple my friend! He is talking about controlling, and IFATC is a long process.

silly me cant read lol


Training server is where controllers and pilots learn. The IFATC recruiting doors are open.