Angola to Saint Maarten: TAAG Angola FNLU-TNCM

Yesterday, I created a topic about my flight from Amsterdam to San Fransisco.Yesterday’s post.
I dropped a poll in there, and the route that won was Luanda to Saint Maarten. It had one more vote than Los Angeles to Narita.


Departure: 23
Arrival: 10
Server: Expert
Aircraft: 777-200ER
Livery: TAAG Angola Airlines
Distance: About 4,800nm
Flight time: 9:35

Loading up the passengers at one of the remote gates at Luanda. Looks like Ted paid extra

Rotating into the early morning sky

Climbing up over the city of Luanda. A passenger was kind enough to provide me with this photo.

Mediocre breakfast is served!

Somewhere near the coast of Africa. Another passenger sent me this one as well

Isn’t the scenery around here just breathtaking?

Almost there! About to turn onto final

Nearly blew some tourists on Maho Beach into the next dimension…

However, the next dimension wasn’t enough to stop them from taking more photos

Disembarking from L2. Thank you for flying TAAG Angola!

  • Heathrow to San Jose: BA 78X
  • Gatwick to Oakland: Norwegian 789
  • Amsterdam to Cape Town: KLM 77W
  • Zurich to Johannesburg: SAA A346

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Haha well presented and great photos. Love the humor


Thank you! I try my best to be funny in these. And I’m glad you liked the shots🙃

Me2 ;) Keep it up bro

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Gotta love a mediocre breakfast 😋

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Honestly I think mediocre breakfast is a good way to describe almost every single airline out there

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