Angle to land the 300er when the rework comes out

Hi. I am currently making some notes onto the angle to land on the -300er. I always tend to tail strike on the long aircraft. Does anybody have any tips onto what angle to point it in once the rework comes out.

Thanks in advance! :)


Maybe 10-15 degrees. I would keep practicing in the sim rn

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If you’re tailstriking it might mean your landing too slowly, or flaring too much (and loosing too much speed).

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Hello! It should be nearly similar, not if the same to the 772. Unless some Beta Testers leak, we won’t know what’s in store for 20.2 ;)


If you’re tail striking, you’re generally coming in at too slow of an airspeed. Rather than angle, you should be focusing on the airspeed that you’re flying when taking off/landing. I’ll have a revised topic for 777 landing speeds given various aircraft loads when this update drops. 🙂

Here’s your cheat sheet for various loads and settings. 20% trim is a good starting point and will be dependent on where your calibration point is.


Load % Takeoff Power Setting Takeoff Flaps Rotate Airborne by Landing Flaps Final Approach Flare
25% 74% = 86% N1 Flaps 5 130kts 150kts Flaps 30 130kts 125kts
50% 78% = 89% N1 Flaps 5 / 15 140kts 165kts Flaps 30 140kts 135kts
75% 81% = 92% N1 Flaps 5 / 15** 150kts 170kts Flaps 30 155kts 150kts
>75%*** 84% = 95% N1 Flaps 15 / 20** 150kts+ 170kts+ Flaps 30 160kts-165kts 155kts+

Is there a list for all aircrafts from A320 to B748 @DeerCrusher?

Here it is 😉


@FlightGT I will be working with the pitch angle for the linked topic in the future. The above topic is mainly for speeds and control settings, but they do help very well with the pitch angle. I just use the HUD for the older models.

Deercrusher made a useful advice above.

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