Angle of Attack

I need help for a project that i’m doing in school. Can you guys please tell me what the Angle of Attack is, what it’s significance is etc.

The angle of attack relates to the chord line of the wing. The chord line is from the center of the front of the wing to the tip or the rear of the wing. Angle of attack has nothing to do with the angle of the fusaloge. Every plane has a fixed angle of attack with the flaps retracted. As the flaps extend the angle of attack increases. Also if you move the alierons the angle of attack increases on the wing that’s lifting and decreases on the wing that’s dropping.



Here’s a good diagram


@Padi3_14… Hello Ian and welcome… Great school project for a fledgling aviator. You’ll get some great advise from some smart people on the Forum ! But suggest to you do a little Web research to flesh out your knowledge, put everything in context and wow the teacher so you get an A+. To start take a look at the “Angle of Attach” cite at That cite has the bottom line and some great grafics to augment those shown here. Really want to get the teachers attention. Check out the aerobatic maneuver the “Pugachev Cobra” now that a classic procedure the uses “Angle of Attack” to win trophies! Let us know how you fair. Go get them tiger, Max Sends

((Suggest you talk with your Dad or Mom on this project. It’s complex!)


Here is a link that will probably explain it better then I can


Everyone else is pretty much on point from what they said.

I would add, if you ever plan to get your private Cert and you understand how angle of attack affects the wing of the plane in theory you will understand why stalls(power on(take off)and off(landing )and spins happen on the application side of things, which is pretty much your oral and flying part of your exam.

All the best in your project :)


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Even I learned from this topic


Thank you so much everybody!


thankyou @Brandon_Sandstrom i’m putting this in my project!

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@Padi3_14 no problem

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Is there anything else that anyone else can add?

@Padi3_14… Max Sez… What else you need Ian. Name it?

What is it’s significance? How is it measured? Why is it important? How is it used by pilots?

@Padi3_14… Gotta do the research Ian. We don’t know the theme or understand the thrust of the school assignment. All the questions you raise are outlined in the “Pilots Handbook” as reference by Brandon or in Wiki. The handbook is available for free from Appears you need to talk to your Dad who can provide a little " on the ground" guidance. Good luck, Max