Angle of aircraft on climb and descent

First of all, I wasn’t sure whether this belonged in #real-world-aviation or #general so please correct me if im wrong

I often watch videos on YouTube of approaches from the cockpit. A lot of the time I hear captains telling first officers to maintain 3° on descent.

So I was wondering, how do pilots know what angle they are flying at in the cockpit and how could I tell what angle I’m flying at in Infinite Flight ?


In the cockpit, the angle can be calculated from ground speed and VS. For a three degree descent, you want you VS to be 100-200 higher than 5 times ground speed. (Note: VNAV does 2 degree descent by default)

If you are using the HUD screen, the green circle is the FPV. This shows where your plane is going, so you can tell the descent angle from that. However, the more typical use of the FPV is to aim it at the start of the runway.

Another note: when taking off, many aircraft will pitch to around 15 degrees. This is the nose pitch, not the climb angle (otherwise you would be climbing at 4000fpm). This angle is indicated on the PFD in the cockpit, and by the long line with the dip in the middle on the HUD.


Holdup… I though takeoff nose angle was 10 degrees😳

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takeoff 15 (even up to 20), climb is 10. I think it’s for noise.

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Thank you, much appreciated

I actually thought it was go-around=15 degrees and takeoff=10 degrees

On a go around I would climb out of the way as fast as I can lol… for all I know there could be someone taking off.

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here is something. Also note the MD11 angle lol

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