AngelaB’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello IFC, my name is Angela and this is my ATC thread.

Are you short on landings to reach your desired grade? Come by where I’m open, I’ll give you the best Pattern experience ever. Feedback and criticism is always welcomed. Enjoy 😊



  • Feedback and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.
  • Feel free to leave it here or pm.

Thanks for Coming,

Angela 👩🏼‍✈️


I’ll be open for an hour
Come by, you won’t regret it 😘

One more to try sequence maybe? 😘

I’m coming !

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Thanks for coming guys. 👏🏻 Any feedback don’t forget to leave it here 😘


Hey Angela. I was EC-DCP.

Amazing job, really solid control. I think you know all the comands perfectly.

Only 1 minor thing:

  • At the beginning I request runway change from 10R to 10L and give me pattern instruccion incorrect “enter right downwind 10L”. There not was any traffic departing on 10L and no interfere. The TBM was at the north far from my position. “Enter left downwind 10L” could be better.

  • You’re right on my go around on final.

  • Transition altitude was accurate.

  • You have mastered about sequencings and clearances.

  • You are correct too when sequence TBM #2 behind me on 10R, I turn quickly and you did good on clear me #1

Thanks for the service and see you soon.
Regards. Dani.

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Hey Angela,


Thanks for the quick service, brilliant work, well done!

  • Nice ground awareness with the hold position, then pushback after the conflict.

  • Transition altitude was perfecto. [Ground alt + 1500ft + 1000ft then round to nearest 500ft]

  • Pattern entry and sequencing for me was also great, no errors :)

  • Clearances were also all good for me!

  • And awesome job on the Go Around there with Dani and I, nice catch!

If you haven’t already done so, I’d highly recommend to have a go at joining the IFATC Team:

Let us know if you have any questions,
See you around!



Thank you guys. I appreciate the honest feedback. And I will work on the accuracy of my pattern entries.
@DaniCP @Luke_M

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