Android Version 7.0 and below FPS Dropping

I have noticed a lot of FPS drop on final approach especially on final approaches on busy airports like KLAX, KSFO, OMBD, EGLL etc. The reason I would like to know if how could I fix this where all my final approaches are smooth like the fps of an iphone when on final! I have provided some information to maybe help me determine what should I do or how the fly dev studio can get this issue fixed.

Android version 7.0

Android Device: LGK10 Smartphone

Device Settings in IF:

Rendering Quality: Low

Rendering Resolution: High

Texture Quality: Medium

Anti Aliasing: On

Limit FPS: Off

Hide Airports: On

Hide Airplanes Dots: ON

Show Airplane Names: Low

Storage In The Device: 2.27 GB

Average Memory Use: 1.4 GB

If this was enough information, I hope it helps, please message me asap to either tell me how to fix the fps for a smooth take off and landing or tell me what I can do to improve the fps!

Safe and Happy Flying!

Cheers- HawaiiPilot10

I don’t know how to fix your problem completely (although I’d suggest lowering your settings and turning limit frame rate on), but I just wanted to complement you on how well your post is organized! Nice to see a support topic that doesn’t say something along the lines of "game is slow pls help"😂 Also, just went over your settings. I’d turn anti-aliasing off and limit fps on.

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Go to settings —> Live and lower the aircraft count. That should minimize the lag when approaching busy areas.

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