Android users

My infinite flight app has disappeared on Google play store, it’s not even in my downloaded section. Is anybody else having this issue?

Showing for me on Browser…

This may be more of a developer issue so let’s wait for a Moderator to reply :)

I’ll try that way and see if I get anything

Restart your device completley, the only thing I reccomend.
Also as brandon stated, lets wait for a dev or mod to reply. Maybe its something on their end :)

What device are you using?

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Samsung galaxy s7 I’ve tried restarting but nothing it’s still not showing on my play store at all

It should be in your purchase list.

I’ll check that too and see

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Does it work if you go Here then click on google play?

How about waiting a little bit?? There’s a lot going on right now and everyone is loading servers.


That link gives me this, how can this be when I’m on the Samsung galaxy s7

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Also running on android 7.0

What version does it say it is in the details?

Again, everyone needs to be patient.

Not sure I’ll let the pros handle it from here just thought it may work that way. More then likely due to the update.

Try pressing and holding the play store, then go into app info, then press force stop. See if this works.

The same here. I just checked the play shop and infinite flight is gone.

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It doesn’t give me the option to see the version

Try doing it this way let me kbowbwhen you get and what device your using

Click where it says “Read More” it should give the description and at the bottom show the updated date and version.

Or just wait a few hours. Patience will solve majority of app store issues and is not related to what FDS has done. Once it is pushed it is beyond their control.

Is that the same for android though as we are not getting the update for a few days? Another user is seeing the same as me also