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Hi All Please I Need Help I user Android.Why I Can Not Buy a Plane And The Region,AfterThe UpDate,What Is Wrong With My Google Services or Devices

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We don’t know you can tell us what’s wrong with them

ASUS_T00N Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

image` After UpDate 15.11.0 Subscription 1 Month Consumable.Exp Dec 09.15.3g conect.4.4.2 kit kat

Are you connected to the Internet✈️✈️

Yes Sir signal 3g 100%

Have you tried restarting your device or perhaps connect it to wifi

Ok I tried

Hi Josh,The Result is The Same no Change,I Will Try Out And Log in Again.If The Plane and The Region That Have Been Purchased Will be Lost And Everything Start From The Beginning Again.

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You can restore purchases but it could be that you aren’t connected to WiFi or that your 3g is low or even done

Thanks Dawson,Josh,Rotate.I’m Glad Everything is Running Normally Again

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That’s what happened to me, and the Easy Jet a318 wouldn’t load where it shows a pic of all the aircraft

Hi Brown.try disable data background