Android Upgrade to Marshmallow 6.0

Not sure how to post this, or start a new thread for it, however … I’m currently using HTC Google Nexus 9 which just updated to Android 6.0!! Yay. Wanted to report that on this type of device with this OS version IF seems to work perfectly. Good programming. Thank-you


Thanks for sharing that info, good to know :)

@iCoffeeCat, do mind to share how much ram left on your device when running IF on 6.0…??

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Typically, Infinite Flight wants about 290Mb of RAM and can peak at 490! As for my setup, I have every app in my drawer (custom) running in Android’s new Run Time memory manager, which keeps enough cache drawn to restart without latency, no mem manager add on or task manager add on, and I have typically about 600Mb available on aa 2Gb RAM Google Nexus 9 … With no apps started and running in background, at startup, I have about 900Mb free so as you can see I’m only using 300Mb to load up Android Runtime Memory Manager, new in Marshmallow, takes place of VmHeap, with apps from my app drawer. I do admit a very steep advantage in having this HTC Nexus because of the Denver Class Nvidea GPU, which has 194 cores!! Plus runs at 60fps out of the box on Stock ROM.

If you want a resource value … say max is 100%, then Infinite Flight can peak at 46%and can run with half that amount!

Marshmallow? They have the weirdest names…

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Yeah, AOS 6.0 Open Handset Alliance

Just discovered a new OS feature …

Mechanical buttons have all but been replaced by virtual buttons, ie touchscreen, in so doing multiple use attributes can be given to specific buttons. By the way, these buttons on screen look like this … 🔻 🔴 ⬛ … the center one has been enabled to work within any app to activate Google Now intra and inter search for (hopefully) pertinent information to extend or inbed a particular piece of information!! Pretty cool 😎 Activating that sequence is done by long pressing the 🔴 button.

OMG I HAVE THE NEXUS 9 TOO!!! I need to update it. I’ve neglected that notification lol

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For instance, following my last post, because response was directed @ Henrik_B when I press the 🔴 button I get him, his title record producer and various links to him, ie YouTube etc.