Android update?

I know this has been posted before, but when is the update coming out for andoid, I know it’s a staged roll out but everyone else seems to have global already so why don’t i?


What device and Android version are you using?


Everybody (Android and iOS) got the update already.

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You may have an old or outdated android device. Otherwise I don’t know

Not necessarily true @Jack :

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I have a Samsung Galaxy s5, running 6.0.1

Ordinary S5 is compatible, the Mini is not. Please check the topic given by @Levet to see if that’s causing it not to show up for you.


I tried clearing the data for my play store, but I couldn’t find anything in my settings about changing the screen resolution.
My device should be compatible, it’s a full size galaxy s5.

These steps don’t apply to your device? Specifically the screen resolution?

Follow these steps and see if you can adjust your settings:

To change the screen mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5, access the Settings > Display > Screen Mode. You will then see five different selections available, including Adapt Display, Dynamic, Standard, Professional Photo and Cinema. The default screen mode for the Galaxy S5 is Adapt Display, but you can change this by clicking on a button next to the preferred mode.


I’ve done both of those options, and the update button still isn’t there, it just says “open app”.

If your tried what Chris mentioned, then you can attempt to reinstall IF to see if it updates.

I reinstalled, it worked I think. Except now whenever I open the app, after a few seconds, it crashes, any ideas on that?

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