Android TV.

Hello, is it possible to use Infinite flight on Android TV? If yes, can the quality be pleasant with a 1.5 g/hz processor and 4go of RAM ?


I don’t know about that, does it have Google Play on it?

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Yes, it’s an Android 8.1 TV version. It’s perfectly similar to a normal Android device. Except that it is possible to watch TV.

You can only play Infinite Flight off of a Phone or Tablet. However if you have an HDMI with a special plug or bluetooth the you can plug into your phone and then into your TV to have the game show up onto your TV. However you’ll still have to play off your phone or tablet and project onto their

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All right. What would happen if I try to open the application on it?

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I have no idea havent seen it on a device you cant use. I also havent heard of any devs testing it on the TV yet.

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It’s not. Does it have a touch screen?
Usually a TV doesn’t.
The OS is only used to show media content and flip through it all with a remote.

You can’t fly with a remote. Other than that the TV will not have high enough specs to accommodate IF.

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For the controls it is possible to use a Google control remote control on smartphone that allows to make gamepad with gyroscope and Touchpad, so it could work on this side. However, it would be more on the OS and screen compatibility side where there would be a problem, I think.

Thank you for your answers anyway.

A little off-topic, but if you ever want to test if a Google App that runs well on your Android mobile device also runs on your Android TV go to and login to your Google account. From there search for the app you want to install on your TV and click on the green Installed button. You may need to enter your password again. After this, you’ll get a dropdown box, where Google will show you on what Android devices the app already is installed. If you use the same account on your Android TV, the TV should appear in the dropdown list. From there you can verify if it can be installed on your TV, or not.

The above used to be a trick to install apps on your Android TV, you couldn’t find in its play store. With the new updates on Android TV, there’s a very good chance the above trick doesn’t work anymore. I’ve tried it with the Chrome app recently and failed; the TV appeared in the dropdown, but was greyed out.


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