Android to IOS?

So the thing is I recently switched to iPhone and I want to buy a subscription. But on my android phone I have 15€ with which I wanted to buy a subscription.Isn’t there any way to transfer the money from my android device to my IOS device cause I don’t want to spend more money.

I think you should just connect yourself with the account you had on android and the Pro subscription should transfer with your account

Click get pro and click i already have an account

There isn’t a way to transfer your balance from Google Play to Apple. If you wish to spend the money already on your Android account you can buy a subscription with that

But when I buy the subcription on android can I then also play on ios with the same account without having to by a subscription on IOS again?

But what if I dont have a subscription? The last time I played IF online was over a year ago will it still work if I do that?

It Will not work if your subscription was expired but you can still buy it on android and enjoy the subscription on IOS

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I tried It says This account isnt linked to a infinite flight Pro subscription. will it work once I buy a subscription.


It seems like your app account isn’t connected to a Community account. This is something you need to take care of first. You can connect it from Settings → Account in the app, if you have access to your app account as it is.

Once you have that done, you can use your account on any device and also purchase the sub on Android even though you perhaps prefer iOS.

Yeah but my app account is probably expired. Can I still do it?

is this what you mean if yes no I don’t have access.
probably need a subscription first.

You haven’t had a subscription before?

I had but on android and was over a year ago

does that work?

Yep it should work if you are using the same account

OK.Thanks for helping guys.

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