Android to iOS

Will in my old phone “remember it is an android”
I have infinite flight and after 2 years I changed into iOS , So I did iOS move but when I came to move infinite flight I couldn’t find it , SO PLEASE infinite flight REPLY I REALLY LIKE INFINITE FLIGHT


I can’t help with this, but welcome to IFC!


Imma just go out on a limb here… can u not download it back and log back in or am i wrong

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If you purchased on android you may have to purchase the app again for iOS but once downloaded from the App Store you can just log in to access your pro membership if you have one


If I understand correctly:

You changed your device from an Android to an iOS and transferred all the data from the first to the second, but couldn’t find Infinite Flight in your iOS, right?

I might be wrong, but I think paid apps can’t be transferred from a device to another with a different operational system

If that is the case you’ll probably have to buy Infinite Flight in your iOS again

If you had a Pro subscription in your android, you’ll not loose it as long as your IF is linked with your IFC account (after downloading IF in your iOS, simply connect it to your IFC account)


Hi! The same thing happened to me, change from android to IOS and the only thing you have to do is buy on your new IF device, because you cannot transfer purchases between different devices.

Once you buy it, you can link your account with the new device.

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This guy here seems to be an expert on Apple (iOS) products, he should be able to let you know one way or the other. That being said at the same time he’s just been pinged by me so he should take a look into this post whenever he gets a chance.

Note To Schyllberg:

Sorry for the ping 😅

You were just the only one I could think of that would be able to help out the best.

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Emmm,you can account you ifc

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Yeah, I started on an Android device and now I fly on my iPad for the most part.

-You will have to purchase the app again as it is not possible to transfer the initial Infinite Flight purchase from Android to iOS, or vice versa.

You will also lose all of your replay files unless you have them uploaded to the cloud, and then re-download all of them on your new device.

The best way to have access to your subscription and grade/stats is by linking your infinite flight through this community forum as many people have stated above. One thing I would make sure of is that you link your community account to your android device first before logging in on your new iOS device(if both are not connected already). I did this process about 2 years ago when I got my iPad and I have had no issues whatsoever. Let us know if you have questions.


Ok thanks , don’t worry your right

Will I’ll rebuy it , and this is gonna be my first time playing on 3D building i

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