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So I started off using infinite flight on android devices, but over time it just got slower and slower as the devices got older. I ended up purchasing several planes while using those devices. A little while ago, I switched to an older iPhone, and I bought infinite flight again. I had it refunded after it ran just as slow as it used too, but recently I bought a newer, more powerful one. I haven’t bought the game yet, but I did remember that when I used android devices, my friend was able to log into his iPad with my IF account, and he had access to all purchased planes. Why is this? And is there any way I can get it to happen on my new phone?


Yes, If you linked your account to a Google or Facebook account

You won’t have those airplanes if you switch to iOS. Plane-purchases are tied to your respective App-/Playstore. You can however, just as Ryan said, use the same subscription on both devices if you link the account. The reason is that the subscriptions are tied to your Google/Facebook account and not only to your App-/Playstore.

Got it, thanks
Is there at least a way I can refund those old purchased planes, as I probably won’t ever use them again?

First off, welcome to the community!

Secondly, I don’t think you’ll be able to get refunds for those planes, because it has been a while since you purchased them (I am assuming).

It has been a while, I think I bought most of them around the time the 747-8 was released into the game, not sure exactly when that is though.

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Yes, that definitely was a while ago (more than the time you can get a refund, which is normally 14 days!).

It’s actually 2 hours on Play Store and no refunds at all on App Store. Their policies, not ours :) There are some flexibility on Play Store though.

The core question to this topic is answered here as well;

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Oh wow! I didn’t realise it was that short!

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I’ve been able to get refunds on the App Store for in-app purchases. A valid reason is needed though.
Thanks for the help.

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