Android to IOS - Do I have to buy IF again?

I already bought Infinite Flight on my Samsung S4 and I now got a Iphone 5 but now I can’t download it because it’s not on my Apple Account. Do I need to pay again ? I really would appreciate it if there is a way that I don’t need to buy it again

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Unfortunately yes you have to :(. There is no way around this …


Yes of cos u need pay again.

Remember Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) is different payment,

It’s a expensive transition. But iOS is soo much better. Ipad is life👌


Also, your purchased aircraft and regions will not transfer from Android to iOs and the other way around, only a Live or Live+ subscription can be transferred


Remember Android and iOS are competing platforms in the very same way that PlayStation and XBox are. Buy a game for one, and you do not get a free copy for the other. Same here except for a Live sub because a sub expires and content doesn’t.


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