Android to iOS device

Hey guys!

Recently I transfered from my Android device to iOS. I had previously purchased Infinite flight on Google Play store.

Is there anyway I can transfer this purchase to my iOS device to be able to download the app for free?



You cant transfer the purchases.

If you have a live account, you can use it on own devices.

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if you want to download IF for free, you hsve to still buy it on a different device, if you buy a new device and you want to download it for free, you have to have the same ID account on which you brought IF on, it works if hve IOS to IOS. hope that answers your question

This works the same way that console games do. When you buy a game for one console, you do not get a free copy for another console. Each competing platform requires its own purchase.

Only a Live subscription would require a single purchase to use on either platform. Only can log in on one at a time though.



Thanks for the help!