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I have an hitch that some camera views aren’t coming up 757 I can’t view the inside of a cabin is not coming up so much more needs to be added very small issues


Hi, which camera you think is not appearing? Can you make a screenshot of where do you expect that camera to be?

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There is no preset cabin view camera option, but rather, you must use the free cam selections to manually navigate to the cabin. This is not an Android specific issue, but rather it is what every user has to do, regardless of device.

I’ve linked a tutorial that explains how to navigate the free camera, even though it may four years old, the concepts described by Mark are still relevant today. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

one were you can see in the cabin with the tv screens

There is no such camera on the 757. Instead, you can use the drone camera, located in the second to last camera tab (also known as “free”) and use it to fly to one of many screens inside it


So in order to see the TV screens, do the following:

  • Navigate to the “Drone” camera tab (the second to last tab, before all the Tower cameras).
  • Select the “Interior Drone Camera 1” option from the list.
  • Use your fingers to rotate and fly the camera through the pilot’s face and the cockpit door (not kidding), into the interior of the aircraft. You should see all the seats as well.
  • The TV screen is located above the centre aisle in the main cabin. Just move around a bit and you should see it!

Hope this helps.

Unless of course, your issue is that you’re not seeing the option of the interior drone camera at all. Then that’s definitely a bug.

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