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Here I will ask the Different Topic.
i have Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) ,
I want to ask you I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) you can see more details about its specifications on google, basically I want to ask if such a Tablet With 2GB RAM OPEN GL.ES 3.0 BATTERY 5000 mah also with android 7.0 or (Nougat) is able to play Infinite Flight Global or not, With Medium Grapik,are any of you all using a tablet like me this? whether Infinite Flight Walks Normal or not ,thanks

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Yes, the Galaxy Tab A 2017 is compatible with the Global update. However, it has a 4x1.4GHz processor (the Snapdragon 425) and an Adreno 308, which won’t allow you to play on the highest settings. You will (probably) be able to run Infinite Flight on low-medium settings.


Thank you Much for its illumination okay I will download,

I think about tablet on android for playing IF… but dont know to which to look. Not very expensive but good for high settings of game…

Sent you a PM, will continue there. ;)


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