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So I have considred to buy Infinite flight for my Android phone as I wanna be able to record longer flights. I know the Android version has a in build recorder and I have heard it can record timelapses, so my question is: Is it able to record time lapses and if so, what’s the “speed?” I have not been able to get my answer in other posts, but sorry if I missed one.

Appriciate any help
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Ooh… That’s a good one. I’ll leave the Devs to give you a proper answer, but my guesstimate is…

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I’ve used it before so my best guess is x4 - x8. Don’t quote me on that but the software used to timelapse is fast.

Alright, thanks. Let’s see if anyone can confirm this.

I have a time lapse video from infinite flight stored on my phone. I have a Samsung galaxy note 5 and used the built in recorder, I have 30 minutes of flight timelapsed into a 1 minute long video without any alterations. This should give you a fairly accurate estimate of how fast the timelapse records.


wooow, thanks, defently gonna buy it. :)

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Here are 2 topics I found.
In the first topic I gave you, I said that a 4 hour flight was a 6 minute video which is about 40 times faster than the 4 hour flight