Android Q navigation interference

Description: When using the Android Q B3 you are able to enable a new navigation system to switch between the apps, which is swipe based. Very much like iPhone X navigation.
This makes it hard and unintuitive to switch any of the tabs, information boxes at the bottom without exiting the game.

Device/Android version: Google Pixel 2XL. Android Q B3 (QPP3.190404.015) but should be applicable to any Android Q device with “fully gestural navigation” enabled.

Because this is a beta I don’t think the IF Devs are currently working on a possible fix for this.
But I may be wrong since I don’t work for IF.

Indeed! This exact thing happens to me. I use the Pixel 2. Whenever I try to bring down flaps, it always opens up the apps menu. Same with adjusting trim. (I’m using the Beta 3 for Android Q).

@IFliPlanes, it’s called beta for a reason. It’s to fix bugs before the update comes out. So, I can safely assume that this’ll probably be fixed sometime before Android Q officially comes out.

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This will get fixed, I know.

Check the video below, and tell me if this is what you’re talking about.

Before Beta 3 came out, I was able to go all the way down to FULL flaps in one swipe. Now, I have to do it one by one, because the OS thinks I’m trying to go to the app menu. Same thing with trim.

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I’d say that the feature is un-necessary since they should make it a specific place you should swipe.

I don’t expect this to be fixed ASAP just wanted to make sure they are aware of the issue.


Yes , exactly. But if you’re trying to change the things at the bottom , such as the flight time, distance to next, etc it’s nearly impossible.

Don’t exactly understand what you mean…

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when you try and swipe it open the app switcher, there should be a specific place to swipe.

No need to engage in a discussion about what Android should or should not do. We’ll be looking into this for future releases.


Yes, but discussing this here is irrelevant. All I wanted to point out was that IF is not working as intended right now. Nevertheless currently Android doesn’t work like that and who knows if it’s going to change or not.


I’m aware that it is irrelevant.
Anyways hopefully this will get fixed in the future.

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If you’re aware that is is irrelevant… then why discuss with us? You clearly don’t know what we’re talking about. Only reply when you know the answer, or possible solution.

I’ve had this issue before with the old P navigation system.
Unfortunately, this isn’t caused by the app, more just the location of the navigation system on android.

If any of you have access to a computer with ADB, I’d recommend forcing the navigation bar to hide itself (but this also isn’t foolproof, I have numerous issues cause of it).

As you’re on android beta, you should have the feedback application on your phone, submit a report, the more people that submit it, the higher the chance it’ll get fixed.

As of right now, the only app fix I can think of would be to move the flaps across more to the left, to increase the gap 🤷


Thanks @Kirito_77 , feedback like this is what makes support threads flow organically with the sharing of good info for Android users. ❤️


Adding on to @Kirito_77, Kirito is referring to this feedback app:

There should be a button to report feedback for a “bug report”.

Then, simply fill in the required info.

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@Kirito_77 I’m not sure if you’ve tried the Android Q beta but I seem to have way more issues with the bottom options such as the yoke and flight to next , etc.

Also, yes this is obviously an Android fault and not much to do with IF but there still needs to be a fix regardless.

On my phone running a similar swipe navigation bar system, I have to swipe twice if I want to go back or go to recent apps.
From what it seems, as it is a beta version of Android Q, you will be better of using the feedback app and reporting it and using the standard navigation bar.

And quick question, have you tried a different game and and touched the bottom same area to if still occurs?

Yeah, I’m on a version up from the standard beta that you’ll be on.

These are all issues that exist to be fixed. Unfortunately, beta software is never final. It’s always filled with bugs, issues etc, which is why it’s called “beta”. Google themselves does suggest not to use the beta on your main phone because of these numerous issues. As it’s software related, this isn’t something that can really be fixed in IF

As I said before, I’d submit a feedback report, list the issues as accurately as possible. If you’re using a Pixel 2, it may be worth switching back to the 3 button navigation system, which I personally am still using.

It’s not so much an issue that I can’t play the game, which I don’t do very much at all, but more just letting the developers known, in case they didn’t already know.
I personally use this version because I want to make sure my own apps work well on it, not just for fun.

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I will take a look at it and the possible solutions. Might not happen anytime soon as I am not sure I have the means to reproduce the issue on my side (I don’t have a Beta Q capable device on hand).