Android Joystick Input

Hi guys! I thought I could help out after I had troubles connecting my joystick to my android device. For those who’ve tried to plug the joystick into your device, and it comes out not functioning, here’s what you should do.

  1. Go to settings

    Find the developer options or more options button.


Find OTG connection button

  1. Press it.

  2. Go back to infinite flight (refreshed) and connect your joystick to the device.

  3. In infinite flight, go to settings icon>controls

  4. Press the Yoke/Yaw etc, it should turn orangeUploading…

  5. Start turning and twisting your joystick to input its functions.


Hope this helps for some of you!


Hi, thanks for your eagerness to help those that would like to connect their joysticks, but their are a few topics already that help with joystick set up :)

Don’t mind him, he’s just explaining how he set up his joystick properly after this error:

I’m sure someone would find this useful.


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