[Android] Infinite Flight Freezes Mid-Flight

Please read the status update at the bottom of this post if this pertains to your issue.


After about 15 minutes to 30 minutes of “normal” flight, the application freezes. The engine whirr in the background is still clearly audible as if the app had not frozen, except for sporadic cutting in and out for less than a second. The application cannot be unfrozen without completely closing and opening it.

Steps Taken to Eliminate

  • RAM freed up from about 1.5 GB to 2 GB
  • Cache Cleared for All Applications
  • Graphics Set to Low, Anti-Ailising Turned Off
  • No Rooted Applications, or Hardware or Firmware Modifications
  • Device Restarted Multiple Times
  • Infinite Flight Re-Installed
  • Flying Within Cockpit View to Reduce Graphical Load, Minimally Switching Out of It
  • Mini-Map Turned Off
  • No Other Applications Running
  • Stable and High-Speed Internet Connection (Controlled for 5G and Standard, Same Results)
  • Flew at Night for ~15 Minutes, No Issues

Device Specifications and Other Information

Manufacturer: Nvidia
Model: Shield Tablet K1
Year: 2015
Operation System/Version: Android Nougat 7.0
System Software: Latest Public Build

Infinite Flight Version: Latest Public Build
Application Market: Google Play
Live Subscription/Time: 1 Month/Carryover Live Subscription
Total Global Flights Online: ~11, Occurred Nearly (-1 Flight) Consistently in Latest ~4

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Restart Device, Check Latest Software (Nvidia Shield Tablet K1)
  2. Clear Cache
  3. Reinstall Infinite Flight
  4. Use Mitigating Settings (Low Graphics, Low Power Mode, Etc.)
  5. Conduct Normal Flight, with Cruising Altitude ~20,000 ft. - ~32,000 ft., Speed 280-320 knots, ~Mach 0.72
  6. Conduct Flight for Roughly 15 minutes to one hour, or as required to reproduce.


Nvidia is renowned for their gaming processors, and their devices are considered some of the best for gaming on the market, this tablet being no exception. This makes me surprised if this is indeed a graphics problem.

I am planning on trying again to reproduce this issue with an extra SD card inside. Will report results ASAP.

This may be considered a duplicate my some, however I have not heard a single post state they have gone through every step to eliminate the bug and/or give device specifications.

I am sorry if this is too much information and too specific. I am used to writing bug reports for larger development teams where they need all this information. As a hobbyist developer myself I like to know specifics when researching a bug.

[Edit: Cannot Find Latest OpenGLES (or whatever it’s called ;) Version Number, But Assuming Latest.]

[Edit #2: After RAM is cleared to 2 GB, background processes bring it back up to about 1 GB, leaving barely any room for the 1 GB of RAM needed for Infinite Flight.]

[Edit #3: Still looking into RAM usage and other stuff like that by myself to no avail.]

Cheers and Happy Landings!

[Edit: Status]

I thank all of you guys who have helped identify this issue, and I’m glad I am not the only one to have it occur to.

The Devs are looking into the issue and I assume we will get a response soon.

If you have the same issue and were going to reply, before replying try to recreate your flight where the bug occurred, using the same procedure, using all the tactics I used to try eliminate the bug. After that, if you need to reply include what happened and your device manufacturer, model, and year. Also include some hardware and software specs, along with memory and RAM information.

This will decrease the clutter on this thread so we can keep it towered the technical side of things and not a “me too!” thread (not that "me too"s don’t help a little.)

[Edit: Status #2]

A hotfix has been pushed to the Google Play Store.

Laura: “[The] Cause of the issue was a deadlock, two threads waiting on each other, one of them was unfortunately the UI Thread, so rendering stopped short…

When I get some time to conduct a flight and deem no related errors, I will mark a solution.

I (and the Mods, probably) ask that after a solution has been marked, that no new reply with bug reports in it should be posted here, as it likely isn’t a related issue. This is to decrease clutter.

Cheers and Happy Landings! (Or Takeoffs! ;) )

[Edit: Solution]

After many flights after the hotfix was pushed, I have had no related issues or bugs. I have tested on high performance settings, longer flights, etc. (except for anti-aliasing), in other words, trying to make it crash. But so far I have not had a related issue. Therefore, I’ll mark a solution.

Cheers and Happy Landings!


Now that’s a support topic!


I wish alll support topics were like this instead of “help me my device doesn’t work!”


I think this is one for the Developers to pick up and see if they can look a little deeper into it for you! - @Tyler_Shelton Can you advise?


Support inquiry of the year goes to…

Thanks for such a detailed report. Unfortunately this may be a bit over my head as well by I’ll direct a developer to this for a bit more accurate assistance. :)


Thank you! As you may have assumed, this is a very frustrating issue. I was originally not going to open a support topic, but after multiple attempts to eliminate the bug to no avail, I decided it was necessary.


Are you able to reproduce this in solo?


I have not tried to do so yet, I am on it now. Will report back as soon as possible.


Do you mind taking an ‘s’ off of as? Thanks.

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WOW. This should be the official support inquiry for this issue. Were all experiencing it, but i dont think we could explain it in detail like this!


Sorry I am a pretty sloppy ;)


Lol. It’s fine. No one noticed it anyway. Back on topic…

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These issues are happening on iOS devices as well. That is a very detailed post and thank you for sharing all of that info.


Forgot to mention, but occurred in a A319-100 and an A321-200. Probably not related but still worth mentioning.


5/7 of my flights have ended up like this. Not too happy :/


I have similar problems with my Nvidia in solo and live.

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Solo Mode Findings

With all variables mentioned in the OP controlled, only changing from Live to Solo, the issue did occur 15 minutes into the flight.


First of all, kudos for the very detailed issue report; i wish all were like this one :)

Does this happen every single time after ~15min? is it something you can reliably reproduce? Is there a route where this happens more than other?


Do you know how to use ADB?

Also, could you install a CPU monitoring software to see if the frequency changes during the flight? (cool tool - systems stats is good for that with the overlay)


Please allow us some time to figure this out; we will fix it.