Android force closes

When I’m loading in or when I’m about 10 minutes mid flight my app wants too force close

What device are you using?

Also I recommend you check here to see if your device is able to support global.😉

I am using a LG g6 I meet all the requirements. It just force closes whenever it wants. I was just in a solo flight and I was ascending to fl20 and it just shut down the app. There’s nothing more to describe except the 1st time I even opened the app it shut down on me.


Please ensure all other apps are closed and reattempt a flight or two. If the issue persists, please reinstall the app after deleting. If that does not help contact us again and we’d be happy to assist further!

Without much information it is tough to reproduce or pinpoint a crash but we’ll be standing by.


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I was just now in solo mode and it did the same thing. I have a LG g6 I meet all the requirements. I don’t know how to explain except it just shuts off randomly sometimes at the main lobby page or sometimes mid flight

I think I fixed it. I had set the screen 18:9 which I made default on my phone. So I changed to 16:9 and it seems to work now.

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can you show me how to change screen from 18:9 to 16:9 ?

My device can support OpenGL ES 3.0, but the app it self I bet is incompatible with my 4.4.2 Kitkat

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Its still happening here’s a gif that explains what’s happening.

so you still have the problem?

i have same problem, but i got stuck in loading screen… before entering the game.

It even happens while im at lobby page as well. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled as well

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