Android Emulators

Hey all, I’m looking for an Android Emulator in which I can have Infinite Flight working perfectly, I’ve tried BlueStacks but it doesn’t even load, any suggestions on Android Emulators?

Have you tried combing thru XDA Forums?

What is Emulator

Its an app/download or something that is basically an android device that is on your computer.

Just tried the AmiDuOS it works fine but the only thing is that the Airplane Rendering doesn’t look good :-/

Droid4X works but again the rendering is really bad.

How does Andy Emulator work like?

I think Matt has said he couldn’t get it working well in any commonly available emulator. You’ll just need to wait for the PC version. :)

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Can’t wait till that comes out!!
I hope on the pc version that they can figure some stuff out that is not available on mobile!!!

But their (devs) main purpose wasto create a realistic simulator for mobile devices.

Today’s mobile devices are at 2012 PC high-end level, goto XDA Forums and look for Emulators that are modern kernel with 2012 UI. Maybe you’ve got a better idea of embedding, however I still feel XDA will be the answer!

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