Android emulator

Hi I am looking for help with an emulator (free one) for my laptop where I can project Infinite Flight onto my PC. Does anyone know the best one ?

Thanks in advanced

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Blue stacks is good and free and works with PC. I have linked it down below for you


That’s great , is it by a USB connection?

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Sorry I do not know. It will probably tell you on their website though…


Yeah blue stacks is probably the best

There are a number of posts on this already.

BlueStacks and Andy are your best bet. But beware that both may have some graphics issues. I use Andy when controlling but not for flying.


Thanks do they lag behind at all?

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Very rarely after they have opended a app

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Not from my experience. It does not project your device on the PC, is treats it as a second device. You have to install everything just like a new device.

Andy will let you use your phone as a remote control.


Does Andy lag

Does Andy have USB support?

Good for Mac also

Yes it does. If you have a decent PC it should not lag.

Okay I will use my USB cable and try and get it to work tomorrow thanks!

Check out Remix OS (Android Marshmallow for PC). Need to have separate partition and then install to create dual bootable device. Check out on YouTube as well.

I’ve used Bluestacks, it runs completely by itself on PC using the Google Play store.

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Blue stacks is the goods


I wasn’t able to get BlueStacks to render the ground completely when controlling. Haven’t tried Remix.

Did you actually run IF on Remix?

If you want to project your phone you can use airserver.

If you want an actual Android emulator then you can use bluestacks.

Sounds good enough for me I want to try it but I have only bought Infinite Flight for iOS.