Android Emulator

Anyone played IF on windows pc running android emulator??? I would like to know their experience with Bluestack/Andy, until IF releases on windows, Only way to experience 27inch ATC is bluestack. 27inch won’t be practical with flying but perfect for ATC, now days touch screen monitor doesn’t cost much.


If your computer has a good specs(e.g: RAM, GPU,Processor,etc.) Then probably I.F on bluestacks just for ATC Purposes would be so smooth… :smile:

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I tried to play IF with bluestacks but the app crashed. My laptop has good specs (i7 processor, 8GB ram, 4GB AMD graphics card). Is there any other emulator for playing IF?

These are two famous one, try this You have good spec but these emulators are prune to crush ;)

Isn’t virtualbox is required for andy?

I don’t know about virtual box. It runs on windows no VMware.

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Hey it works. But there is no sound at all. Any Ideas?

I use Andy and it works great. Every now and then it stops working but the same thing happens to my phone. Yes Andy requires VirtualBox which is small and easy. I actually use VirtualBox for other VMs on my laptop.

Unfortunately you cant really fly with it. I use Andy when I am manning ATC. I have been able to fly using nothing but auto pilot buttons but it is not worth the hassle.

Any chance for screen shot? Let us know your experience little more with photos? Cheers

no I flied with it and without virtual box. I installed 0.45 version on my windows. I used andy remote controller app on my tablet to use it as a controller. Only problem with me is no sound.

If you get chance take video, would be cool to see how it works.

Just install the app called Andy remote control from play store on your android device. connect your android device and andy to the same network, input your andy’s ip address in the app on your device and boom, you can use your device as controller.IF is laggy on my tab since it is very old one. hence i liked andy. But to fly live, i need sounds. And my andy is muted or not correctly mapped with speakers hardware of my laptop. Can anyone help me about the sound problems? I searched on the net but didn’t find any solutions.

Hey I think No Sound is common problem in Andyroid ;). if you google “andyroid no sound” there are tons of topic. If you go thru one by one, you can find the answer. I don’t think many ppl tried emulator in this forum.

Cheers! I have found a simple solution. Play any youtube video in background on windows browser and start andy. and there was sound!


hey i need help installing andy for ATC,
i downloaded it but after i hit run nothing happens??!!
any ideas?

Check your virtual ethernet connection. Also, your os needs to be virtualisation enabled through BIOS

I tried to record a video. But my video recorder is crappy. But Now andy is my fav option. No lag even on live mode at max settings. I flew for an hour on advanced server. And also did some controlling on advanced server. No issues at all! For atc, only pc is enough. And for flying, I used my tab as a controller.


ok, i installed it and now i have some loading issues, their facebook support group gave me some ideas how to solve it.
all in all thanx for the input…

Here is the link of the Video: