Android Crash !

I am facing a serious issue with my device.
Can’t locate the problem is it with app ?or device?, I purchased this device to play Infinite flight only at max settings because of it’s high end processor and High end GPU : ADRENO 530 ( Google this processor and GPU for more info). I tried other heavy games at max settings my device has smooth performance. It think infinite flight is not tuned for my device ! Developers can help me
5 days ago, My device Lenovo Z2 Plus ( Snapdragon 820 processor ) with 4 GB RAM never stuttered or failed to play Infinite flight game on high settings with 45++ fps( almost 50 was pretty smooth and satisfying) on online servers at busiest airport few days ago with " Show airplanes on live" set to “Low”. BUT started LAGGING & crashed within AVERAGE 20 secs after spawning ONLINE at a busy airport few days ago. This problem only happens while playing online. I tried everything even on minimum settings possible with everything untiicked even anti aliasing. Re-started device and even uninstalled and installed again from play store. Please help me ! This is driving me towards disliking the aviation field 😭 I want to be pilot so bad. BUT THIS ISSUE STARTED 5 days ago.

Hi there! How is your internet connection? Try resetting your router and be sure to restart your device every time for a fresh start for those flights. Some other tips: hide the mini map and disable Anti -Aliasing. See if this helps.

I use mobile internet. 4G on which I was able to play with no issues, Few days ago. Tried hiding minimal & Anti aliasing. Didn’t work.

Make sure your cellular service provider isn’t throttling your internet speed. After a certain amount of GB used they may limit your service.

Have you tried clearing your RAM yet?

Yes, to add into Chris’ statement, who is your cell service provider?

I have checked it, No it’s not any internet speed throttling speed issue.

I tried clearing ram too.

How much storage do you have available? Maybe this is occurring when you enter an airspace with aircraft and your device downloads the aircraft. The app plus all of the airplanes takes up a little over 5GB of memory.

I have 64GB Storage totally, Available is 38GB And ram is 2GB Available

Other than clearing your RAM, changing Anti-Aliasing settings, and hiding the mini map you may just have to adjust those settings to see what works best. Ensure that your device’s operating system is up to date and refrain from running apps in the background. Some apps will update even though they don’t appear to be running which can rob your performance.

It tried everything above mentioned settings, My device is up to date.Nothing is robbing my performance. I will try using another WiFi. Going at my friends place in about 3 hours will let you know if it works.

If using another WiFi doesn’t work, I’m sorry to say, but maybe you have to reset your device.

I would not want you to do that, but looking at everything you have done, there’s not much more you can do. Also, I know you say that you have a good phone and all, but you really have to make sure you don’t have any apps open and you restart your phone before you fly. Just good practice and my 2 cents.

I figured something out, Whenever the ATC talks it lags. As soon as ATC stops it works buttery. ATC sound is bugging my game. Oh and yes I remembered a week ago I tried to change the ATC voice from Google text to speech in my settings and the voice was changed but I didn’t liked that voice so I changed it back to standard, from that day I started facing this issue.

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