Android app similar to Foreflight?

I use an iPad for IF, but I’m looking for an app similar to Foreflight to use alongside IF. It would be running on an Android device, and since Foreflight only makes an iOS app, it’s not a valid option. Is anyone aware of a similar app that is available for Android? I tried checking the 3rd party database, but it didn’t seem like those provided similar options, like flight planning, etc.

Garmin Pilot is similar. Haven’t flown with the app in years though but foreflight is better in my opinion.

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Yea, I would like to give Foreflight a try, but I’ll have to wait for an Android version.

Garmin Pilot isn’t bad though! I’d give it a shot.

Which portions are you looking for the most? The flight planning mostly or does it need to have the live in-flight stuff?

I know you can check out the in flight stuff with Live Flight or Map Fight, but it seemed like Fore Flight was more of an all inclusive app that did all of it. Right now I kind of use a patchwork of sources simbrief, fpltoif, fltplan go, windy, etc.

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