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IFC Community,
Is it me or has IOS had an update that isn’t available on Android?
A friend of mine came round and pointed out the fact that on his Apple iPad, he had new ATC voices? I immediately checked my IF on my S8 to check if it was added. Nope. I then checked the Google Play store for updates and the last one was before Christmas when the b737 rework came out…
Could someone explain to me how to get this update and/or whether this is an actual feature just for IOS?


19.1 hasn’t been released yet

I’m aware but this is already a feature on IOS but doesn’t seem to be on Android?

Voices are dependent on your operating system. There are different TTS engines that can be enabled to control the voices. And yes, the voices on Apple may be different from Android.

Updates are done at the same time.


Is there a way to enable these or…

Thankyou both also for the speedy reply

They are two totally different text to speech engines.

On android I just have “English” etc but on my ipad I have “Gordon” etc.

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Do you know in there is a way to add these onto android?

Not that I am aware of. This is something not controlled by Infinite Flight.

The play store has different engines you can download from the store but some are better than others and some are loaded with bloatware. I would use caution around downloading un-trusted applications.

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Ok. I’ll have a look around and see. Thanks for the reply 👊

How would I enable IF to use them though? Sorry for asking many questions 😂

You have to install the engine from the play store and then the device would use the new “voices”. But there is no guarantee it will match ios ones.

I have these already…

You would have to download a new engine from the play store if you want additional voices. It would then show in that list.

Again, if your goal is to get the voices exactly the same as your friend on iOS, I do not know if that is 100% possible.


Ill have another check in IF

Ok. I’m in the process 👍

I went to download more voices and the ones I downloaded appeared in IF. I also see where you were coming from about the different engines and how to apply it. Thanks again for your help. It is appreciated 🙃

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