Android A21 Problem

Device:Android A21
Operating system:Android 12
I have lost access to infinite flights and i really don’t know why i had it for a while but the last few weeks ago the google play app said This app is no longer compatible with your device Contact the developers for more info but idk why it kept telling me this but the app worked fine i did down grade in preform but sense it worked fine i kept but when 22.7 come out when i went to check out the update i did’t get it is i tried uninstalling and re adding i but when i uninstalled it it didn’t let me install it again and now can’t find it on goggle play :note all my apps and system are up to date:

I’m not sure whether this is an issue that might have affected your device, but beginning sometime in 2021, 32-bit devices are no longer supported by Infinite Flight even if your device has a 64-bit chipset (I know, it’s stupid).

While it’s strange that you’re only now experiencing this issue in 22.7, you might want to look for a more fundamental issue with your device. Hopefully this isn’t the case and you’ll be able to get on Infinite Flight again.

Check this reply for more information.

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It’s a shame but now explains all the trouble i was facing. i get my paycheck on friday and will be planning on a good phone what phones do you recommend?

Thxs for all the help i’ll see the flying world on a later date goodbye.

I’d check out the following topic for picking out a new phone :D

I personally use the Nothing Phone 1, works fine!

wth is a nothing phone?? can u even get it in the us?

Yes, you can buy the Nothing Phone in the United States.

(I linked the website but its the Canadian one so just switch over)

It’s amazing! It’s the first phone released by Carl Pei’s new company (Nothing)! As far as I know, you might be able to get your hand on it in the US, but it isn’t compatible with any provider’s network.

I wouldn’t get a nothing phone…

Based on? :)

Just a few videos I’ve watched so far. And, in my opinion it makes more sense to go for a reputable brand like Samsung or Apple.

Ah, I have the phone, and I must say that that I do not really agree with some of the things said in those videos lol. IF works fine on all high graphics, AA on and 30 FPS :)

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Wow, I never thought I’d meet someone with a nothing phone lol. Glad to hear it works well.

Hahah, it certainly is a rarity to see lol. It really isn’t disappointing :)

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are u do argueing??

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