Android 5.0

I have two devices where I play infinite flight, one of them is on Android 5.1I can’t uptade because now is required to have Android 6.0, but my question is will I still be able to play the previous version or it will stop work someday ?

You should be able to play the version that can be supported unless it is taken off the market by Infinite Flight LLC.

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I believe you still can use Solo mode, however I am not sure if this will work online. I can be wrong.

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Online/Global is only supported in the latest version of the game. You can play on solo, but cannot on any of the online features. :)


I hesitate to ask but…from what century is your Android 5 device?

I think it may well be a small miracle it’s still able to run IF.

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19.3 will work with Online for some time. We will not drop that yet.


Oh okay. Didn’t know that. Your the devs.

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I play on Zenfone 5 but the other device I have its an old cell that I decided to not uptade because it don’t run so smooth its a Zenfone zoom, but I usually use it only on long flights when I don’t want to drain my Zenfone 5 battery

Oh thanks but later, even with a pro subscription on solo we still will get access to global ? To play solo at least?

The app will stop functioning all together when that happens. But it will be quite some time before that happens.

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