Andrey_Wing’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Now BIKF is open, everybody is welcome!

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Sorry guys, now closed due to low visibility. And thanks to @N319CL @alphabravo6 and @W4FFleTrUck

Hey @Andrey_Wing

Here’s my feedback:

  • You could’ve cleared me for takeoff as soon as the 777 in front of me was airborne (see the ATC tutorial on this - not sure which one it was sorry)

  • Not sure if you are meant to clear me to land after you’ve already cleared me for the option (after I reported final, full stop). I have made a thread to get an answer on that

  • Everything else seemed ok

Also, if you are TSATC, I thought you weren’t allowed to be applying for IFATC? (Not sure about that - you might want to check though)


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Nope, I can become IFATC but I don’t want to.
I’m sorry about delay I will tell you why I made it
And yes I should clear you to land even if I cleared you for the option it’s different things T&G and landing 🤣

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Ok. I am currently getting someone else’s opinion on it, it just doesn’t seem right 😂

See my post here

Aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of more than 136,000 kg have a heavy suffix. After takeoff such aircraft for their his remains a strong whirlwind in real life takeoff thus small-plane-as your give only after some time from takeoff first plane and I as TSATC and a member of GAF seek to realism.

Sorry for delay again and it’s strange that IFATC saying this🤔 after patterns they always changing cleared for the option to cleared to land

Apologies for my grammar

No, you aren’t, however if Andrew isn’t applying then that isn’t an issue, however if you are you are not allowed to apply

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Seriously? Why?

Hi, XS-741F here.
Good job overall, but still a few things that you need to tweak:
After you told me to make left traffic when you cleared me for take-off, it is no longer necessary to tell me to make left traffic again when clearing for the option. Make xx traffic is only necessary the first time, after a runway change, or when you want someone to swap traffic sides.

When I reported full stop, it was unnecessary to clear me to land because I was already cleared for the option. Why? Because clearing for the option lets the pilot do one of three things: Touch and go, stop and go, or full stop. So telling me that I’m cleared to land is redundant.

Please read this post in regards to IFATC members becoming TSATC

Since wake turbulence is not a thing in infinite flight, IFATC ignores the real life procedure of waiting before for taking off after heavy aircraft. I know its not realistic, but heck a lot of stuff in infinite flight is not realistic.

No! Well,as Declan said,an option contains Touch and go,stop and go,low pass and full stop. However,if an aircraft reports his position mentioning full stop you can give him landing clearance since a landing clearance consist of just a Full stop. Also,if you have cleared an aircraft for option/landing,and they report position saying they’ll full stop,you don’t need to give them a clearance again. Jus respond with Roger and that’s ok.

Good info on how to prepare and run an ATC tracking thread. Have a read.


Thank you guys! Will improve

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