AndrewWu's 2023 Spotting Year in Review


Welcome to my 2023 Spotting Year in Review! This is my fifth full year of doing aviation photography and I’m very happy with the direction I’m going in. This year, I upgraded my gear from a D7500 to an α7iii and it has opened a whole new world of creativity for me. This year, I was lucky enough to spot over 30 times at 18 different airports as well as two other locations, including 12 new airports and locations. With the limit being 10 photos, I obviously cannot share a photo from each session, but I put together 10 of the most memorable photos and moments. Hope you enjoy.

Gear: Sony α7iii | Sony 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS & Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 VXD G2 | Sony 1.4x TC | Manfrotto Element

January 1st at Toronto Pearson International

I started the year off by visiting @robert_xing with @Ashea58. As with standard Toronto protocol, it was very cloudy, but I’m not worried anymore with my full frame.

January 15th & 16th at Miami International

Three weekends, three airports. @Altaria55 and I took a weekend trip to Miami to do some spotting. The conditions were beautiful, something I’m absolutely not used to in winter.

March 3rd at Zurich Kloten

The start of my one-week European spotting tour along with @Altaria55, @Kamryn, and @Transport_Hub. Got to mess around a bit more with IBIS and the low light capabilities of this camera.

March 4th at Innsbruck Kranebitten

One of the most picturesque airports in the world. Got a lot of fantastic photos and I would love to return.

March 6th & 7th at Meiringen Air Base

What a great place that’s practically encouraging you to come spot with how accessible everything is and how relaxed the security is.

July 5th at Taipei Songshan

One of the most unique airports I’ve been to, and quite a climb to reach this spot. Taoyuan is a great airport, but this is something special.

July 11th at Osaka Itami

After spotting here, I understand why spotting is so popular in Japan. They have some of the best and easiest to spot at airports in the world. I’m thankful I had a full frame here because a crop sensor would simply not suffice.

July 15th & 16th at Tokyo Haneda

Home of the world’s best night spotting. I got pretty lucky getting this R2 pull considering it had been in storage for over a week prior to that night.

September 29th & 30th at Huntington Beach

The Pacific Airshow with @Altaria55, @Cameron_Stone, @Kamryn, and @Transport_Hub. A great two days despite some weird conditions and missed opportunities.

September 30th & October 1st at Los Angeles International

Probably the best airport in the US. Wide variety of spots, fantastic engine light, endless variety, it certainly deserves the recognition it gets.

This was definitely my best spotting year yet. From upgrading my gear, to meeting new people, to traveling to and spotting at some of the world’s premier airports, I’m truly grateful for these opportunities. In last year’s Spotting Year in Review topic, I stated that I would keep working on developing my craft with the new gear I bought as to not be the guy with an expensive setup that takes subpar photos. After seeing these photos, I hope you’ll agree that I’ve succeeded in that this year.

Here’s to an even better 2024!


Incredible pics! I remember seeing some, or all of these as the year went by. Brings back many memories.

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What a year for Wuuster.

That’s the word


Good ol days

What’s the word


Reusing images. Mod, ban this user.


Always love seeing your photos! Let’s see what you are going to cook up next year 🧑‍🍳


Amazing photos. I like how on the Lufthansa 747, the frame rate (or whatever it is) matches the engines, so the blades don’t seem to be moving very much.

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Everyday, I’m reminded how much of a failure I am (I’m a crop sensor user)


These are awesome! I wish I had these skills!

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Likewise. Nothing big planned yet but we’ll see it through.

Thank you! That’s less matching and more just freezing, GEnx max RPM is about 2500 so in the 1/800 of a second that photo was taken the blades have only moved around 20 degrees so they look frozen.

Talking like 1. you don’t have a full frame already and 2. you’re not about to invest in a setup that’s going to blow mine out of the water

Thanks! It’s more just dedication and practice than skills - anyone can do it!


This is probably my best photo :(


Altaria55 and Andrew Wu in Miami, what are they gonna do???

  1. A Nikon D800E with only a 50 prime is not a spotting lens.

  2. I’m poor, who knows when these events will take place.


In focus ✅
Sharp ✅

Sounds like a great start to me!

My first photos looked like this:

Get waitlisted at Texas Roadhouse and then argue with @AvioesEJogos in a spotting comp PM probably

  1. skill issue
  2. become less poor

And lock the keys in the UHaul truck. Real story.


I was not affiliated with this that one’s on you


Man, I need to invest into spotting more often so I can get pictures like these


Kamryn mid, he’ll absolutely bottleneck whatever he gets 😜

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Agreed! I think you’ve succeeded and surpassed expectations.

Great idea to share the year in review favorites. I really like the Taipei Songshan sky shot. It adds so much visually appealing aspects. Which I also plan to add into some of my future spotting outings.

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