Andrew_Swift’s ATC Tracking Tread - [Closed] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC Tracking tread, currently working on gaining operations whilst I work towards a Grade 3. Particularly interested in gaining experience working patterns.

Please leave any feedback below.

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Hi, I’m currently open at Chicago O’hare [KORD] and will be for the next 90 mins.

Training Server

Pattern work encouraged!

Hey, I was NR8K. Here is my feedback:

  • my aircraft wasn’t able to pushback. Make sure the aircraft which is requesting a pushback is able to do it and otherwise just clear for taxi if everything matches

  • after takeoff you told me to extend downwind and you‘ll call my base, but why?? I was the only aircraft in the airspace and those commands are given to make space for a departure or for sequencing. It was totally unnecessary and you had to just clear me for option.

  • after being on final for 28C I asked for 28L. You directly cleared me for option which was wrong. First give me a pattern instruction for 28L and then clear me. Also make sure since it was a new runway you must tell me if it’s left or right traffic.

  • I was on the runway at around 30kts and waited for the next exit. Make sure giving the exit runway command at around 70kts or when knowing the aircraft is at a save ground speed.

Thanks for the feedback!

I fell straight in your first trap then, is there an option for telling a pilot they’re aircraft doesn’t require pushback?

I was aware that you were the only aircraft in the airspace, in truth I wanted to practice getting the commands in but understand now that this was not necessary. If the airspace was busier these would have been the correct commands to use yes?

Still getting my head around went to use cleared for the option, point taken onboard.

  1. There is no option to tell the pilot pushback isn’t necessary. Clear him for taxi if the area is cleared.

  2. It’s okay trying to practice those two commands but then try to use them effectively. If there is a lined up aircraft on the runway and you want enough space between the arriving aircraft on downwind just tell to extend it. It’s made for creating space for departures.

  3. Applies for pattern flight: Tell the aircraft after take off which aircraft to follow and if there isn’t one to follow clear for the option. I recommend it when the aircraft is making its turn to downwind.

If you have further questions just PM me :)

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Now open at KBOS for next hour or so, please feel free to stop by

Hey, I was Air Force 93537. Honestly, I don’t really have any comments at all, haha! You did a pretty good job catching all my goofs. One note about runway crossings: when I requested to cross 33L, you did a good job correcting me to the correct runway I was holding short of (15L/33R), but you’d tell me to cross 33R since that would be the runway that would be used based on METAR data, rather than Runways 15L and 15R. Also, I personally would issue the check assigned runway command slightly earlier, but again, you were still really attentive to the situation! Other than that, good job!

When you requested the runway change it threw me a bit, I hadn’t yet noticed the metar had updated hence why gave the instruction to cross 15L, something for me to work on at least.

Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it!

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Definitely! Keep up the good work.

Hey! I was that FedEx! I thought you did an amazing job and wanted to tell you to keep up the good work!
Happy Flying,

Now closed, thanks to those who stopped by.

Hey, I was HB-TUR and spawned short before you closed. I have some things for you:

  • before I ask for takeoff, I stopped after the hold short line. You could have used « Exit runway » command as an aircraft after the hold short line is considered to be on the runway, and without any clearance.

  • I asked for takeoff, remaining in the pattern, and you just cleared me for takeoff but did not give me a left/right traffic. You must use it instead of giving me a pattern entry once I am on the upwind.

All other things seemed to be good :) well done and good luck for the upcoming sessions ;)

I was American 1, got on just before you closed. Really good with clearing me to cross runways ahead of time. The only thing I noticed was you didn’t say to make left or right traffic after takeoff and instead waited until we were airborne to give us a direction. Saying the direction with the takeoff clearance lets you have more time to direct other aircraft - but great job otherwise!

For both of the last two, i used a repeat command of that i used on an earlier departure on that runway didn’t realise until afterwards it didn’t include the option of left/right traffic. but point has been noted that it needs to be included when issuing a TO clearance for aircraft remaining in the pattern…

Thank you both for stopping by


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