Andrew_Coward's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KSAV [Passed Written]

Welcome to @Andrew_Coward’s ATC Tracking Thread




Ground & Tower

Runway(s) in use:
19 & 10

My key focus is pattern work but I will be taking any traffic that wants to fly in and out! Please leave any feedback you have below :)

Hello @Andrew_Coward!

It’s nice to see your interest in IFATC. I’m sure you will quite like it. I was N1ZN, and my only feedback was on my first pattern the clearance came late. I had to report my position. Remember you can ideally give a clearance on late crosswind / early downwind. Other than that you definitely have the concepts mastered. Of course this is traffic dependent considering I was the only one in the pattern.

Just as a side note intersecting runways is quite ambiguous for now, but I admire it. There some awesome training airports linked below.

Have a good one!


Hey Zachary, thanks for coming out! I am actually a past controller here on Infinite Flight but I am getting back into it. All I have left is my practical and typically those are at airports with intersecting runways. Greatly appreciate the feedback though! I had a call on your first pattern and got distracted, sorry about that!

No worries. Good luck on your practical. I’m sure you’ll ace it.


Open now at KSAV, feel free to come fly around!

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