Andres_Arevalo's Radar Tracking Thread - [PASSED] @ N/A


This is my Radar Tracking Thread, through this thread I’ll open some airports around the world in order to pass the written and practical exam, All this in order to become a new IFATC officer, I’d really appreciate your feedback, for that reason, today I’ll be at:

Airport: N/A

Runways in Use: N/A

Frequencies: Approach on N/A

¿What should I be tested on?: These are the service that you can request and I’ll be happy to assist you, however, firstly check the following links below:

  • If you want to request ILS, Please check how it is the ILS Approach

  • If you want to request Radar Vectors, Please how are Radar Vectors

  • If you want to request GPS, there is one advice for you:

    • Please file a VTF (Vectors to final) IAP to the runway (s) that I’ll suggest

After that, please check how it is GPS Approach

  • If you want to request Visual approach, please check how it is the Visual Approach

In order to improve my sessions, please report any of the following issues:

  • Separation between aircrafts: Basically,
    Vertically: 1000 ft between aircrafts
    Laterally: 3 Nautical Miles

  • Terrain separation: 1000 AGL all the time, I suggest you to use “Altitude AGL” on the bottom bar on your screen.

  • Inefficient pattern: Long downwind, separation between you and the airport (Width), etc…

  • Inefficient Intercept: Just for ILS, maybe late or early intercept

Date and Hour: N/A


  • Feel free to join on the same airport or near airports, after your departure, contact approach and request the service you want.

  • Your feedback is highly appreciated, you can write it down below or sending to me a message, I’ll be open to read anything!

  • This Radar Tracking Thread has been approved by my trainer! @NJ24


Tag me when you open. Ill make sure to come in a spitfire 🤡

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Hey, I just open a new airport!

Airport: SCEL - Arturo Merino Benitez Intl Airport

Runways in Use: 17 L/R

Frequencies: Santiago Approach on 119.70

Date and Hour: 2021-06-11T23:00:00Z2021-06-11T23:45:00Z

Tags: @JetSuperior5192 - @nicopizarro

Remember the remarks on the main entrance, and… please report any issue that you may find.

Coming in now!

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Coming too!

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Oops, I arrived too late :(

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Santiago Approach is now closed, g’day!

Nooooo! I was 5 min away!

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Thank you for the service. I was CC-NPR and I have some feedback and advice for you.


(See below for advice regarding each situation)

ILS approach - SCVM:

  • [23:06:33z] - Risky descent to 6,000ft for CC-NPR.
  • [23:08:27z] - Terrain Bust (800’ AGL).
  • [23:10:17z] - 20º intercept.

Visual approach - SCEL:

  • [23:16:44z] - 7,000ft was too high considering the MSA for the path I took.
  • [23:19:14z] - Several altitude changes.

ILS approach - SCVH:

  • [23:25:32z] - Incorrect vectoring towards intercept.
  • [23:26:45z] - Bad intercept.
  • [23:27:31z] - Good call on the MA, however, there was a better way to handle it.


ILS approach - SCVM:

  • Base heading should have been given earlier, as I might have crashed for a few seconds.
  • 20º intercept is acceptable, but 30º would have been better.

Visual approach - SCEL:

  • Remember you can do short tight radar patterns for visual approaches, but you need to maintain the altitude according to the runway distance for those approaches.
  • If the initial altitude would have been lower, the pattern could have been tighter.

ILS approach - SCVH:

  • For aircrafts coming from this airport, quick vectoring is needed to improve efficiency. In this case, instead of giving me a wide upwind heading, you could have simply form a base and the corresponding intercept, as easy as that.
  • It was the right call to instruct a Missed Approach. However, instead of making me go all the way back to LDW, you could have lowered me 500ft-1000ft and give me a reverse.

As a general recommendation, I would consider studying the terrain a bit further, and design approaches depending on the type of approach and direction from incoming aircrafts. Good job considering the difficult challenges from the best airport in the world, keep it up!

Let me know if you have any doubts here or by sending me a PM, I’ll be happy to help.

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I would like to come if i free. Tag me sir

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Hey, I just open a new airport!

Airport: OAKB - Kabul International Airport

Runways in Use: 29

Frequencies: Kabul Approach on 118.30

Date and Hour: 2021-06-14T01:00:00Z2021-06-14T01:45:00Z

Tags: @JetSuperior5192 - @nicopizarro - @SierraHotel

Remember the remarks on the main entrance, and… please report any issue that you may find.

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Tag me next time, Id love to join! Unfortunately I can’t today.

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Hey, I just open a new airport!

Airport: MMMX - Benito Juárez International Airport

Runways in Use: 23 L/R

Frequencies: Mexico Approach on 119.75

Date and Hour: 2021-06-16T21:55:00Z2021-06-16T22:45:00Z

Tags: @JetSuperior5192 - @nicopizarro - @SierraHotel - @Captain_Ry

Remember the remarks on the main entrance, and… please report any issue that you may find.

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Sorry wont be able to make it today! Am currently flying.

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