Andres_Arevalo's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ SKBO

Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread, In order to improve my knowledge as ATC and to get a great grade at IFATC exam, today I will be at:

Airport: SKBO
Server: Training
Frecuencies: Ground - Tower
Hour: 2020-11-27T00:00:00Z2020-11-27T00:30:00Z

Pattern work allowed, See you there!

Stopping by for some Patterns @Andres_Arevalo

CC-NPR Feedback:

  • Transition was high – To calculate your transition altitude, add 1,500ft AAL (maximum pattern altitude) + 1,000ft (vertical separation) + Airport elevation. In this case, airport elevation was 8,500ft, so if you add 2,500ft your transition altitude will be 11,000ft.
  • Good pattern entry on my first pattern.
  • Extremely unnecessary “extend downwind” and “turn base” – There wasn’t any traffic around and the turn is at pilot’s discretion.
  • Late clearance – but well done with the traffic direction.
  • Wrong runway change – If you are using a set of runways (in this case 13s), you must continue using them unless weather conditions demand a change. I asked for change to runway 13L and I was told to enter “right base for runway 31L”, I thought this was a finger mistake so I send a “stand by” and you told me to “enter right downwind for runway 31L”, again. Then “enter straight in runway 31L”. I don’t know the reason for changing the runways. Remember to use the number of the runway depending on the side you’re using.
  • Wrong clearance – When you kept me on runway 31L, I should have received a traffic direction on my clearance as it was a runway change.
  • Unnecessary “say intentions” after the G/A – The pilot don’t have to request the inbound again; you should clear him or sequence him depending on traffic conditions.
  • No response to my departure request.

Pretty odd session I must say, but it’s just your first one so no worries at all. I would recommend to take a look on the patterns legs and take a deeper read into the manual.
Best of luck in your future trainings!

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Hello @Andres_Arevalo!
Here is my Feedback for you [LUF001] :
•Transition Altitude was to high. It would have been 11,000. Check it out here.
•Good Pattern entry.
• Unnecessary “Extend Downwind”. You only need to use this if there are otherwise problems with the traffic.
• At the runway change you should have given me the pattern entry first and then the “Turn Crosswind”. In that case, it would have been better if you had given N1 a line up and wair until I was out of the flight path.
• You can’t give me a “Cleared to Land” even if I report Full Stop.

Keep up the work! Good luck on you IFATC Exam. Good evening! 🍻

Wow!, Thank for your feedback, I will take it into account, I agree with you it was a pretty odd session, when you request the runway change, honestly I don’t know how to give you orders, so I agree with you, I will read the manual, see the videos, again thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it :)

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Thanks for your feedback, I agree with all of you, I will improve my transition orders, also thanks for the manual link, I suppose the whole week I will read it, I really will look for the uses of those orders like “Extend downwind” “Turn base”, I think it was pretty normal to use it, but again I was wrong haha, so again, Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it so much!

With @USA_ATC at PHNL!

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2020-11-26T23:40:00Z to 2020-11-27T01:00:00Z

Server: Training

Runways: 31 L/R

Pattern work allowed, I’ve been reading a lot of things, and It would be good that you come to be my teachers, I’d really really apreciate it

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Hi there, 7O-RST here. You did pretty well in controlling, just some little tiny places need to work on.

  • Around my crosswind-downwind turn you cleared me for the option 31L. That’s good and right on time. But since there’s another aircraft in the left pattern RWY 31L I should have got a sequence on my crosswind leg.

  • I know it may seems you’ve got power to control every aircraft to the most extend once you’re at that position. Unfortunately it’s not the case. For example, when on the ground, there’s no need at all to give me progressive taxi instructions. This function features solving ground conflicts, and since there’s just one aircraft on the ground, there’s no need to do that.

(Might have been a little bit too picky.)
Hope to see your improvements and (if you still want me to attend) feel free to tag me next time you open!

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Thank you so much!

I thought I was doing bad or something like that, I don’t know if there was a problem , but I remember that I gave you an instruction like “Make left traffic” and suddenly you asked to change runway to 31R, and I give you the instruction to make right downwind, so, you turned to your right , I don’t know if that would be a problem to me, because I gave you the wrong instruction, please let me know!.

And, please don’t worry if you have to be picky with me, I think in expert server every aircraft is picky and at the same time friendly to the controller

I have to apologize in this, My internet just failed, I think this instruction would be correct to guide the pilot to the correct gate in the airport, but, you’re right, I just read it in the manual

For the rest, Thanks, again, for your feedback I really really appreciated, each time I get near to control in expert :)))

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That’s not a mistake mate. As you take the practical, there’s actually a test about runway change. All what you have instructed are right. Pattern entry, sequence, then clearance. Just don’t miss out any parts.

And by the way, unless necessary, don’t use progressive taxi instructions. Pilots know where to park(at least in most cases).

Hope to see you in controller position of expert server soon!

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