Andres_Arevalo's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ SKBO

Welcome to my first ATC Tracking Thread, In order to improve my knowledge as ATC and to get a great grade at IFATC exam, today I will be at:

Airport: SKBO
Server: Training
Frecuencies: Ground and Tower
Hour: 2020-10-18T19:30:00Z2020-10-18T20:00:00Z

Pattern work allowed, See you there!

Stopping by for some Patterns @Andres_Arevalo

CC-NPR Feedback:

  • Transition was high – To calculate your transition altitude, add 1,500ft AAL (maximum pattern altitude) + 1,000ft (vertical separation) + Airport elevation. In this case, airport elevation was 8,500ft, so if you add 2,500ft your transition altitude will be 11,000ft.
  • Good pattern entry on my first pattern.
  • Extremely unnecessary “extend downwind” and “turn base” – There wasn’t any traffic around and the turn is at pilot’s discretion.
  • Late clearance – but well done with the traffic direction.
  • Wrong runway change – If you are using a set of runways (in this case 13s), you must continue using them unless weather conditions demand a change. I asked for change to runway 13L and I was told to enter “right base for runway 31L”, I thought this was a finger mistake so I send a “stand by” and you told me to “enter right downwind for runway 31L”, again. Then “enter straight in runway 31L”. I don’t know the reason for changing the runways. Remember to use the number of the runway depending on the side you’re using.
  • Wrong clearance – When you kept me on runway 31L, I should have received a traffic direction on my clearance as it was a runway change.
  • Unnecessary “say intentions” after the G/A – The pilot don’t have to request the inbound again; you should clear him or sequence him depending on traffic conditions.
  • No response to my departure request.

Pretty odd session I must say, but it’s just your first one so no worries at all. I would recommend to take a look on the patterns legs and take a deeper read into the manual.
Best of luck in your future trainings!

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Hello @Andres_Arevalo!
Here is my Feedback for you [LUF001] :
•Transition Altitude was to high. It would have been 11,000. Check it out here.
•Good Pattern entry.
• Unnecessary “Extend Downwind”. You only need to use this if there are otherwise problems with the traffic.
• At the runway change you should have given me the pattern entry first and then the “Turn Crosswind”. In that case, it would have been better if you had given N1 a line up and wair until I was out of the flight path.
• You can’t give me a “Cleared to Land” even if I report Full Stop.

Keep up the work! Good luck on you IFATC Exam. Good evening! 🍻

Wow!, Thank for your feedback, I will take it into account, I agree with you it was a pretty odd session, when you request the runway change, honestly I don’t know how to give you orders, so I agree with you, I will read the manual, see the videos, again thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it :)

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Thanks for your feedback, I agree with all of you, I will improve my transition orders, also thanks for the manual link, I suppose the whole week I will read it, I really will look for the uses of those orders like “Extend downwind” “Turn base”, I think it was pretty normal to use it, but again I was wrong haha, so again, Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it so much!