Andres_Arevalo's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A


This is my ATC Tracking Thread, through this thread I’ll open some airports around the world in order to pass the practical exam, I’d really appreciate your feedback, for that reason, today I’ll be at:

Airport: N/A

Runways: N/A

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

¿What should I be tested on?: Inbound, Transition and pattern work on Intersecting Runways

Date and Hour: N/A

Written passed, Practical failed once :(


Sorry, can’t join because I am on a flight.

I am also flying sorry

No worries, It may be at another time :)

No worries, hope to see you next time!

For sure @Andres_Arevalo

How long do you think you’ll be open? I just have to eat dinner and then I’ll be there!

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I’m still at KSEA, you can come whenever you want!

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How long will you be open ?

I think until 2020-12-22T22:30:00Z

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Hope to see you next time @Nee and @MJP_27


Ok! Sorry for not coming. Dinner took a little longer than I expected. You can tag me next time you open :)

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Today I’ll be at:

Airport: KAUS - Austin Bergstrom Intl

Runways: 17 L/R

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

¿What should I be tested on?: What comes to your mind, feel free, Pattern work, Transitions, Runway Change, Sequence, etc…

Date and Hour: 2020-12-26T15:40:00Z to 2020-12-26T17:00:00Z

I’ll take my practical exam tomorrow, I’d really appreciate people who can help me :)


@MJP_27 @Nee @SWA1997 @Fung_Sum-sum @Jan_W @Henry @USA_ATC @Korgast @ItsBlitz @Capitain_Alexander


I’m sorry I can’t come bud I am about to do an event

Sorry I cant come aswell , I’ll try to make it to your session tommorow if you have any.

I’ll come in about 45 minutes!

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Can’t come now

I’ll stop by!

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Tag me next time you’re open :)

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Coming now!