Andre_S’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ENGM

Welcome to Andre_S ATC tracking thread

  • Pattern work
  • Runway changes

Airport: ENGM, training
Runways: 01L and 01R
Status: Closed
Frequencies: Tower/Ground
Aircraft: No bigger than B757

Feedback appreciated!


I will be there!

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Still open. Stop by for some patterns 🙂

Closed. Thanks for stopping by @ThomasR and @CaptainBenjamin

Any feedback appreciated

Great ATC work! You really did well in that session.

  • Nice work with the pattern entry on runway change to 01R from 01L and the direction of traffic (after the option, make right traffic).

  • Clearances were issued nice and early!

  • Runway exit command was all good on my part.

Couldn’t test your sequencing as no other aircraft really in the pattern.

Awesome job Andre!

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Thanks Thomas! Hope for more traffic next time.

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Didn’t know you had ATC tracking thread. I will come by next time you open :)

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Made it today 🙂 Appreciate it

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Tag me on Slack next time, I’d love to come over for a few patterns


Will do Leah! Thanks

My apologies. My iPad ran out of battery

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No, worries! Stop by next time if you like

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